Hepa Solar

An innovative German company

HEPA SOLAR is an innovative German company dedicated to simplifying access to renewable energy and making a green footprint accessible and affordable for virtually everyone.

Whether for a large or small budget, now everyone can contribute, whether with just one or many modules. We have our own factory where we manufacture our high-quality modules. Our professional team of engineers, highly skilled workers, and industrial designers is always highly motivated and open to ideas and new developments.

Every product undergoes strict quality control, ensuring we consistently guarantee the highest possible quality and customer satisfaction. HEPA SOLAR primarily serves the wholesale market with direct delivery from the factory, without intermediate storage. This allows us to reduce costs and offer our customers the best price.


The HEPA Solar complete power plant is not only unique but also the highest quality and most efficient solar power plant in the entire mini-PV segment worldwide. It is the only system that is TRULY sold 100 % fully assembled in a box. The HEPA Solar complete power plant delivers your electricity within minutes, while all conventional kits are still being assembled and tinkered with.

With the highest efficiency in the entire PV segment (even in cloudy conditions + 30-year performance guarantee), the HEPA system not only pays off faster than 95 % of conventional systems but also, from the day of amortization, it really takes off and leaves every other system increasingly further behind.

Figuratively speaking: It can be compared to two vehicles racing with different horsepower: The HEPA complete power plant verifiable has the highest ‘horsepower’ of all systems and not only permanently runs faster but still runs at full throttle after 30 years, while the conventional one significantly loses performance after 20 years and runs increasingly slower.

The best panel in the industry

With our HJT glass-glass panel, we achieve the highest efficiency in the entire PV segment. While there are other glass-glass modules (without HJT technology), they do not reach the same efficiency. The unique HJT glass-glass technology allows the system to reach its peak much more frequently and consistently, resulting in the highest annual electricity production. The HEPA complete power plant produces power even in cloudy conditions or high temperatures, where all other systems drop significantly or even shut down. Our panels are the panels of the future, achieving the highest yield in the smallest area. The high quality is confirmed by numerous TÜV certificates for fire safety, hail impact up to 1.4 inch, breakage safety, corrosion, etc.

The HEPA Solar Frame: The most stable construction in the entire market

Our mounting frame (patent pending in Germany DE 10 2023 100 654 A1), with a setup time of seconds and adjustable angle settings, is made from high-stability 6061 aluminum square tubing for maximum strength and durability. It is custom-made using our precise technology in our own factory, anodized, and laser-cut. The design is protected, so there is only the HEPA Solar original.

The Micro Inverter

Our HEPA Solar micro inverter is equipped with the highest quality electronic components, as there are significant differences even in this regard. The body is casted from the inside, making it completely waterproof (IP67). The micro inverters come with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth and utilize one of the best and most user-friendly app connections with adjustable output power.


Based on all the listed facts, we can proudly say: Yes, we have the highest quality complete power plant available in the entire market. At HEPA, quality is still emphasized, and those looking for ‘cheap cheap’ will not find it here.