Hepa Micro inverter


Micro inverter

Combine the micro inverter of your choice with our HEPA BASIC module. It only needs to be plugged into the next socket and, under the right weather conditions, will deliver 400 Watt | 800 Watt directly into your home grid. This means your electricity meter will slow down from that point, and your power consumption will decrease.

The HEPA PRO complete power plant is delivered fully assembled, including a pre-installed micro inverter and a 5 m / 16 ft connection cable with UK plug, in a box and is set up and ready to use in 5 minutes.

IEC 62719 micro inverter tested according to:

CE-LVD, CE-EMC, VDE 4105, VDE 0126, EN 50549

10-year product warranty,
25-year performance warranty

Protection rating

Wi-Fi monitoring

data logger

Compliant with EU / Asia On-Grid Standard and Certification

Advantages of micro inverters

  • If a module or individual micro inverter fails, all other panels and micro inverters continue to operate at 100%
  • If a module is shaded, all other panels and micro inverters continue to operate at 100%
  • Micro inverters do not require an external power source, as they are directly powered by the panel
  • Easy troubleshooting for individual failures, as each micro inverter can be monitored
  • Long warranty periods
  • Effortless expandability of the system with additional modules

Disadvantages of string inverters

  • If a module or the string inverter fails, the entire system can fail completely
  • A string inverter requires an external power source to function
  • A string inverter is less efficient with complex shading of the PV system, as mismatching cannot be completely prevented
  • Therefore, they are not suitable for intricate roofs
  • In this case, micro inverters are the better option
  • The warranty periods are comparatively short, ranging from 8 to 12 years
  • Limited expandability
  • Expanding an existing PV system with a string inverter can be complicated, as additional solar modules must be precisely matched to the existing ones

Simple monitoring

via free app

With the existing Wi-Fi function on the micro inverter, you can read and display the performance at any time with the free app on your smartphone.

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0 V
0 HZ

Data Sheets


Wi-Fi setup of the micro inverter

unit certificate

Micro inverter

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