Hepa Premium

800 watt complete power plant

The smart HEPA PREMIUM 800 complete power plant is equipped with 2 of the industry’s highest quality glass-glass HJT panels with 25.2 % cell efficiency and a 30-year performance guarantee.

The HEPA PREMIUM as an 800 watt set, consisting of the HEPA PREMIUM BASIC and the HEPA PREMIUM add-on module is designed for customers who want to opt directly for an 800 watt system and want to save on acquisition costs. Since no additional micro inverter is needed for the add-on modu


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The HEPA PREMIUM complete power plant is delivered fully assembled, including a pre-installed micro inverter and a 5 m / 16 ft connection cable with UK plug, in a box and is set up and ready to use in 5 minutes.

Our modules only need to be plugged into the next socket and, under the right weather conditions, will deliver 800 watts directly into your home grid.

Practical & Space-saving

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Simply place our HEPA modules in your garden, on your garden shed, garage/carport, or wherever you find space, and immediately reduce your electricity costs.

The aluminum frame can be weighted down with paving slabs (14 x 14 in), mounted on the ground with 4 screws, or screwed against a wall. All necessary drill holes and required wall anchors are already provided.

High-quality & Unique

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Built into a unique foldable frame on the market, which can be adjusted to the optimal tilt angle with just two simple steps.

The high-quality, anodized HEPA aluminum frame system is patent pending in Germany under DE 10 2023 100 654 A1.

More savings | double the power

Easy Expansion

Plug and Play

Thanks to the smart plug & play system, the system can be easily expanded module by module. A maximum of 2 modules can be connected together for plugging into a socket. For larger installations that need to be set up in a control cabinet, up to 12 modules can be connected in series within a few minutes. We recommend an even distribution across the 3 phases.

Connect up
to 12 modules
in series
Lightweight &
per module:
Width: 72 in
Height: 41 in
Depth: 3 in
37 kg
10-year product guarantee
Micro Inverter
10-year product guarantee,
25-year performance guarantee
15-year product guarantee,
30-year performance guarantee
VDE 4105
All Hepa systems are equipped with relays that are required for
grid and system protection
according to
VDE 4105
gefordert sind.

Simple monitoring

via free app

With the existing Wi-Fi function on the micro inverter, you can read and display the performance at any time with the free app on your smartphone.

0 W
0 V
0 HZ

Further benefits

with our HEPA complete power plants.

Both direct and indirect sunlight are utilized
Not very susceptible to temperature fluctuations
Higher power output, higher efficiency, and high effectiveness
Reflected sunlight is utilized by the back of the module


Hepa Pro

data sheet

Hepa Basic


Wi-Fi setup of the micro inverter

unit certificate

Micro inverter

All HEPA Modules

also available in a set including balcony mount

You can easily attach our BASIC solar module or our PRO and PREMIUM complete power plants to your balcony. You can purchase the balcony mount separately from our accessories or simply order one of these complete sets, which includes the appropriate number of balcony mounts already in the box.

The HEPA set for railing mounting consists of 2 extra sturdy steel hooks and 2 C-clamps with the corresponding bolts. With this mounting system, all HEPA complete power plants can be attached to a variety of railings. One railing set is required per panel.


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