Hepa Solar Fence

The Hepa Solar Fence


The HEPA Solar Fence sets new standards in quality and adaptability. Made from Sturdy aluminum posts (10 x 10 cm, 8 mm wall thickness), the HEPA Solar Fence offers an remarkably solid construction that even facilitates the installation of heavy gates.
For agricultural use, there is also a version made of galvanized steel, which offers increased resistance and longevity.


Easy Installation & Maintenance

Adjustable Configuration

Optimal Performance, 360- Degree Efficiency

No snow load, no bird droppings

The only fence that pays for itself!

Easy Installation

The installation of the solar fence is easy and can be carried out either on a concrete base or directly in the ground. The modularity of the system allows for seamless integration of common PV panels and supports a variety of setups, from simple wind and privacy screens to extensive systems.
With optional expansions such as microinverters or hybrid inverters, any requirement can be custom-tailored.

High efficiency - even in winter

High backside efficiency of the solar fence, which, combined with the absence of snow load and enhanced ground reflection, leads to increased energy yield in winter.

The HEPA Solar Fence is ideal for...

For privacy, security, and energy generation.

Commercial properties:
To reduce operating costs through solar energy.

Agricultural operations:
For energy-efficient fencing and power generation.

Public facilities:
For cost-effective use and energy savings.

Urban planners and architects:
For environmentally friendly and innovative construction projects.



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